Committee, 2006 - 2010

revised February 9, 2010

The  AOWC Committee elected at the 2006 Fargo, ND meeting is as follows:

Chairman                       Steve Harrison                        Chair-Elect                     Brian Rossnagel
Past Chairman              Paul Murphy                            Secretary                        Michael Bonman
Ed. Oat Newsletter       Jean-Luc Jannink                  

Northeast USA              Mark Sorrells                            North Central USA       Deon Stuthman
Western USA                 Donald Obert                            Southern                        Ben Edge
USDA-ARS                     Kay Simmons                           East Canada                 Art McElroy
Western Canada          James Chong                            Agric & Agri-Food Canada        Jeff Stewart
Mexico                            Jose Salmeron

Member-at large          Steve Shirtliffe                            Member-at large           Dave Marshall
Member-at large         Trevor Pizzey                               Industry                          Bruce Roskens


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